The “I Didn’t Know That legal Hour” was established in early 2009 with the support of WIND and many great sponsors of the show who were looking for a forum where the record could be set straight about many misconceptions that prevail in the minds and conversations of business owners, families and individuals about our legal system.

The show is an exciting live call-in format Dave takes particular pride and expends enormous effort in deciding the topics and guests each week. Being a great conversationalist because “words DO have meaning”, Dave brings out unique and helpful information so that you will find yourself saying “I Didn’t Know That” on a variety of topics and you are encouraged to share what you have learned from the show and about Dave and his practice with your relatives, friends and co-workers.

TUNE IN EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT 4:00 PM TO 5:00 PM ON AM560 WIND or webstream on your computer or laptop at www.560wind.com and hit the Listen Live button. During the week prior to each show, listen to AM560 where Dave announces at various times of the day and evening who the upcoming Saturday’s guest is and the topic for the week.

Try the free podcast linked on this site which are by topic!